Tree Trimming

Why Trim Your Trees?

Tree trimming becomes necessary when the canopy of a tree is overly thick, preventing adequate air and light penetration.  Trees with thick and un-maintained canopies are not only a detriment to themselves, but a danger to any structures around them in the event of a high wind storm.

When To Trim Your Trees?

While seasonal changes in most parts of the countries dictate when certain trees should be trimmed, South Florida maintains a temperate climate year round which makes it possible for us to safely prune most trees at any time of year.  Palm trees should be trimmed twice a year every 6 months and shade trees should be trimmed anywhere from annually to every 2 years.  We offer maintenance programs that ensure a healthy abrborcultural landscape at your home.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Important

Regular trimming ensures that your trees are healthy and ready to withstand the forces of nature while providing shade and aesthetic appeasement.  A regularly trimmed tree will have a strong canopy structure as well as a constant evaluation for insects and disease.  This regular maintenance is paramount to the long term health of your trees.

Shade Tree Trimming

A properly trimmed tree will have a thinned interior canopy, elevated canopy and increased air and light flow.  Couple all of this with a balanced and healthy branch structure and you have a nice specimen that will give years of shade and enjoyment.  It is important that proper techniques are applied by skilled and trained tree trimmers to ensure a healthy canopy.  

Palm Tree Trimming

Trimming palm trees may seem like an easy task, but it in fact requires a high level of skill and attention to detail to be done correctly.  Palm tree are often over trimmed leaving the trunk with a condition called pencil necking.  This weakens the tree and makes it susceptible to insects and disease.  All of our tree trimming experts are highly knowledgeable and know how to apply proper techniques to ensure a long and healthy life of your palm trees.

Improper Techniques

Improper pruning of trees is not only detrimental to the health of our urban Forrest, it creates an unhealthy and unstable tree which is susceptible to insects and disease.  Improper pruning techniques such as topping or over reducing are sure marks of inexperienced tree workers.  Proper pruning techniques include no more thatn 30% reduction and an even balance between upper and lower canopies.