Stump Removal

Why Stump Grind?

After removing a tree there are two options, Stump grind or leave the stump as is.  Leaving a stump sticking out of the ground is often unsightly and a hazard to trip over.  Luckily we have the solution with our state of the art stump grinding machines and highly skilled operators.

How It Works

Our state of the art line of stump grinders are hydraulic driven machines with a flywheel that contains carbide cutters.  After the operator drives the machine up to the stump, the flywheel is engaged and grinding can begin.  

How Big Can We Grind?

There is no size limit on our capabilities as we have some of the largest and most advanced machines available today.  We are stump removal experts.

Root Managment

Another duty of stump grinding is to eliminate roots in problem areas.  Areas like walkways, driveways and home foundations can be damaged by tree roots if not properly addressed.  With our stump grinding machines we can grind roots and stop the damage in its tracks!